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Classic-14 (13,200 BTU)
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Classic-14 (13,200 BTU)
Product Description:
  • Digital temperature control "Set" the desired temperature and walk away
  • Operates on standard 115v power Can be used anywhere for as little as 15 cents per hour
  • Provides up to 13,200 Btu/hr of cool air Maximum spot cooling to just the spot that needs it
  • Handles temperatures above 113°F Provides cooling in the hottest environments
  • No costly installation necessary Simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on
  • Condensation overflow control Prevents overflow when condensation builds up
  • UL Listed
  • Leaders in Portable Room Air Conditioners


Control Panel Electronic
Electronic Features Thermostat Control Electronic
Cooling Capacity Rating conditions: 95°F at 60% RH 13,200 Btu/h
Electrical Characteristics Voltage Requirements 1 Phase, 115V
Total Power Consumption 1.3 kW
Current Consumption 12.3 Amps
Consumption Recommended 15 Amps
NEMA Plug Configuration 5-15
Min. Max. Voltage 104-126
Fans Motor Output 0.24/0.19 kW
Evaporator Fan Type Centrifugal
Max. Air Flow high/low 440/380 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.31 IWG
Condenser Fan Type Centrifugal
Max. Air Flow high/low 880/760 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.19 IWG
Compressor Type Hermetic Rotary
Output 0.8 kW
R-22 Charge 1.5 lb
Dimensions W x D x H 19 x 26 x 41 in
Net/Ship Weight 153/195 lb
Power Cord Gauge 14 (3 core)
Length 10 ft
Condensate Tank Capacity 5 gal
Operating Conditions Min. Max. (@ 50% RH) 70° - 113° F
Max. Duct Length Per Cold Duct Hose 30 ft
Hot Duct Hose 60 ft
Max. Sound Level With Condenser Duct high/low 57/55 dB
Without Condenser Duct high/low 60/58 dB