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MRCS13 Server Cabinet In-Cabinet Air Conditioner
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Product Description:

Modular Rack Cooling System 13

The MRCS13 can be configured as a 13,000 Btu air conditioned server cabinet. The server cabinet is compatible with all leading OEM equipment, and meets EIA 310-D standards for 19” rack mount equipment. The MRCS13 air conditioned server cabinet is ideally suited for most common server deployments, and provides security and access control to satisfy most requirements. If additional security is needed, an optional latch upgrade can be added to offer a much higher degree of security.

The MRCS13 delivers a curtain of cold air directly in front of the IT equipment, allowing servers to draw in the cold air into their intakes and exhaust warm air out the back. The front to back airflow pattern of Uptime Racks follows the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). By providing cold air directly in front of IT equipment and eliminating the mixture of cold and warm air, the MRCS13 is one of the most efficient ways to cool down equipment in a small server room.

The close-coupled cooling design of the MRCS13 brings the cooling directly to the IT equipment’s heat source, and lowers electricity costs by reducing the amount of cold and warm air mixing inherent with computer room cooling. Uptime Racks are specifically designed for simple installations, portability and cost effective cooling solutions. The Plug-and-Play installation of the MRCS13 provides cooling within minutes without the need of a contractor and can be moved from room to room with ease. 

The intelligent MRCS13 design allows for many installation options. The MRCS13 has the versatility to be used with (10) different sized cabinets, open 4 post racks, or 2 post Telco racks. Uptime Racks are the perfect solution for small to large IT networks.


 Features & Benefits

  • Rack units: 32U / 27U / 22U / 18U
  • Mounting depth: 6” – 30”
  • Universal square holes
  • Compatible with leading OEMs
  • 1,680 lbs capacity
  • Lock upgrade options available
  • Lockable / Removable doors and side panels
  • Cage nuts included







Model Number





Rack Space





Dimensions (WXDXH)

30” x 42” x 86.2”

30” x 42” x 77.5”

30” x 42” x 68.7”

30” x 42” x 61.7”

Cabinet Weight (lbs.)





Rack Posts

Square Holes with Rack U Increment Marking

Weight Capacity (lbs.)


Cabinet Features

Cable Entry in top Panel/Doors & Side Panels: Lockable & Removable cage nuts included

Cooling Capacity

13,000Btu/hr/3.8 KW

Voltage/NEMA plug

115 VAC / 5-15P

Operating Range

65 - 95° F (Min – Max)

Controller Compatibility

Connects to Building Management System/Fire Alarm Controls/Warning Signals & Audible Alarms.