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Uptime Racks ECC13
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Uptime Racks ECC13
Uptime Racks ECC13
Product Description:

Uptime Racks ECC13 is an air conditioned computer cabinet  that delivers the highest cooling capacity in the industry, while using no additional floor space.  The 13,000 Btu/hr cabinet provides secure and reliable cooling to mission critical IT equipment.  Uptime Racks are the ideal cooling solution for almost any IT environment.  Whether the cabinets are installed in a small IT closet or a large data center, they are great for primary, supplemental, or back-up cooling.            

  • High Cooling Capacity: 13,000 Btu/hr @ 115V
  • Cabinet cooling powered by MovinCool
  • 32U of available rack space
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle configuration
  • Plug-and-Play installation

ECC13 Air Conditioner
Uptime Racks ECC13 efficiently cools IT equipment by bringing the cooling directly to the heat source, while using no additional floor space.  The air conditioned cabinet delivers the highest cooling capacity in the industry.  At 115 V, the 13,000 Btu/hr computer cabinet provides secure and reliable cooling to mission critical IT equipment.  The cabinet cooling is powered by MovinCool, a trusted brand that has been leading the cooling industry for over 30 years.

Air Conditioned Cabinet Principles

  • Cold Air Delivery - Uptime Racks ECC13 delivers  a cold air curtain directly in front of the IT equipment.  Allowing servers to draw in cold air in the front and exhaust warm air out the back.  The front to back airflow pattern of Uptime Racks follows ASHRAE standards.  This versatile cooling solution will work with both raised and slab floors, and creates an efficient Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle layout.
  • Warm Air Removal - The ECC13 will remove warm exhaust air out the back of the computer cabinet.  In a small enclosed room or office space this will be ducted up to the drop ceiling plenum above the room .  In a large data center the cabinet has the option of exhausting the warm air directly into the hot aisle without any ducting, or having it ducted to the drop ceiling plenum.
  • Power - Uptime Racks ECC13 operates off a standard 115 V power source where no special electrical wiring is required.  It is recommended that the ECC13 have a dedicated 15 amp circuit.
  • Moisture Removal – The ECC13 reduces the air temperature , as well as removing moisture from the air.  The moisture condenses in a pump that allows the condensation to be delivered  to a nearby sink, drain, or water line for  continuous operation.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation – The ECC13 air conditioned computer cabinet  requires no extensive and expensive  installation.  The ECC13 typically installs in minutes by the end user in any type of environment with no special electrical wiring.
  • Cost - Effective Cooling Solution – Uptime Racks ECC13 provides a cooling solution that is independent of the building air conditioning system.  The ECC13 air conditioner provides primary, supplemental, and back-up cooling.  By providing cold air directly in front of IT equipment  and eliminating mixture of cold and warm air, it is one the most efficient ways to cool down equipment.
  • High Quality Construction – The ECC13 is a high quality air conditioned computer cabinet.  It has a heavy duty welded steel construction cabinet with a commercial grade MovinCool air conditioner that is designed for 24/7 operation with a life expectancy of at least ten years.  Uptime Racks ECC13 is manufactured by TechniCool Innovations Inc. in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality components from industry leaders.
  • Environmental Monitoring – To ensure constant uptime, the ECC13 provides monitoring inside the computer cabinet that operates on any WiFi network.  The monitoring system will send email alerts when the temperature exceeds alarm set points.  In addition a daily status email provides high, low, and average temperatures to provide peace of mind to any IT administrator.
  • Back-up Cooling – For critical IT environments the ECC13 air conditioned cabinet can provide back-up cooling during power outages.  IT networks use UPS systems for back-up power during outages which continues to produce heat and could exceed recommended temperature levels before the power is returned.  Therefore the ECC13 air conditioner can operate on UPS battery power as well to maintain constant temperatures at all times to protect your IT equipment. 

Uptime Racks ECC13 is the ideal cooling solution for almost any IT environment.   The air conditioned computer cabinets are great for primary, supplemental, or back-up cooling.  The ECC13 operates down to 65 °F providing the perfect environment for all computer equipment.  The air conditioned computer cabinet comes standard with heavy duty casters, allowing it to be moved from room to room or building to building.

Small Server Rooms / Telecom Closets
A typical server room is the perfect environment for the ECC13, where  floor  space is at a premium within a room typically less than 100 square feet.  The air conditioned computer cabinet provides 13,000 Btu/hr of cooling  below 32U of open rack space , therefore the air conditioner occupies no additional valuable floor  space.   Small server rooms are usually tucked away in a building with no dedicated air conditioning, or uses the building’s air conditioner during the day.  The ECC13 will serve as the room’s primary air conditioner or supplement the building’s air conditioning during night and weekends when it is shut-off, making the ECC13 a cost effective way to cool down critical IT equipment.

Data Centers
As servers become smaller and denser, large data centers are having a problem with “hot spots” popping up throughout the rows of computer cabinets.  This situation is especially true in data centers that use perimeter computer room air conditioners to cool the data center.  The ECC13 works well within the  rows of computer cabinets to cool down  these “hot spots.”  The ECC13 brings the cooling directly to the heat source,  eliminating the path that the cold air has to travel to reach the front inlet grilles of the computer equipment.  Perimeter computer room air conditioners are located around the data center’s outside wall, making the path for  cold air to travel very long with several opportunities for warm air to mix with cold supply air to lower it’s efficiency.   The ECC13 is designed for a Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle configuration, providing a cold blanket of air directly in front of the servers above eliminating the chance of the cold air to mix with the hot air in back of the computer cabinet.  The installation of the ECC13 can be done in minutes, within a row of computer cabinets or at the end of a row, where ever the “hot spot” is located.

Open Office Space
Uptime Racks’ ECC13 is a great solution when the company’s IT network needs to be located by employees in an open office space and not a dedicated room.  The air conditioned computer cabinet provides a high cooling capacity at a very low noise level to not disturb employees around the computer equipment.  The ECC13 saves office space by combining rackmount computer space and dedicated cooling, while keeping the office environmentally comfortable for the employees surrounding it.

Mission Critical Envoronments
Every company has mission critical IT equipment where downtime results in lost sales, server replacements, and decreased employee productivity.  Mission critical IT equipment can be housed anywhere from a small server room or a large data center, and will cause a major financial burden if this equipment fails.  Failure can possibly cause damage to a company’s reputation as well, which can take years to recover.   Uptime Racks delivers the same critical infrastructure found in large data centers into a standard 19” computer cabinet:  Cooling, Monitoring, and Back-up Power and Cooling.