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UCoustic 9210 Active Range 12U, 24U, 42U
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UCoustic 9210 Active Range 12U, 24U, 42U
UCoustic 9210 Active Range 12U, 24U, 42U
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12u Active, UC1-1292-AA Steel Rack   $4,448.40

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12u Active, UC1-1292-AA Wood Rack   $4,868.40

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24u Active, UC1-2492-AA Steel Rack   $6,325.20

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24u Active, UC1-2492-AA Wood Rack   $6,796.20

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42u Active, UC1-4292-AA Steel Rack   $8,728.65

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Product Description:

Put simply this has been independently tested as the most effective quiet rack in the world. The UCoustic™ 9210 series soundproof rack is made in the UK. This premium range of quiet rack enclosures provides the ultimate combination of noise reduction and air cooled thermal performance. The 9210 range is a viable alternative to a costly dedicated comms room, by allowing the deployment of servers and network equipment directly in the office environment.

This range of quiet rack cabinets will reduce equipment noise to a level below that of background noise in an average office without talking, whilst providing a thermal load capacity of up to 7.2 kW (equivalent to 37 single processor servers and peripherals).

Being thermostatically controlled, the rear fan blowers maintain sufficient airflow throughout the rack cabinet, providing the required level of thermal dissipation, whilst optimising the level of 'ambient' background noise the cabinet itself generates and minimising power expenditure.

Also, the spacious internal dimensions provide ample room for orderly cable routing throughout the 9210 cabinet, with varied cable entry options to the bottom of the enclosure.

The inclusion of a washable dust-filter, promoting extended equipment life-span and reduced maintenance costs, is optional throughout the 9210 range.

Product Code




Useable Height (1U =1.75” -- 44.45mm)




External Cabinet Dimensions in inch (Height/Width/Depth)
(includes height of castors)

28.2” x 30.7” x 47.6”

49.2” x 30.7” x 47.6”

80.7” x 30.7” x 47.6”

Max. Distance between front & rear mounting profiles


Max. Rackmount Unit Depth

(measured from front blanking plate surface to inside of rear door)

Assisted Cooling Mechanism

2 x fan blowers located in rear doors

Assembled Weight without Rackmount Equipment




Max. Distributed Load (total equipment weight)



Supplied as Standard

Cable Access Dimensions

Min. One Floor cable access point: 3.9” x 12.2”

Cabinet Color

Black with Montana Blue trim, available with real Wood Veneer.

Cabinet Features

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Removable side panels & doors for easy access
Key lockable doors and side panels

Dust Ingress Protection

A Removable and washable filter is available as an optional accessory


Delivered fully-assembled and ready to go