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Soundproof Racks AcoustiQuiet 24-42U
SKU: AcoustiQuiet 24-42U

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Soundproof Racks AcoustiQuiet 24-42U
Soundproof Racks AcoustiQuiet 24-42U
Soundproof Racks AcoustiQuiet 24-42U
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AQ422042, 24u x 42d   $5,574.90

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Product Description:

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AcoustiQuiet™ is a series of sound dampening rackmount cabinets designed to enclose extra loud rack-mounted equipment.

The AcoustiQuiet™ integrates acoustic material into the manufacturing process and traps and absorbs undesirable noise while still allowing free air movement and heat exchange within your environment. The AcoustiQuiet™ is available in several sizes: 24u, 35u, and 44u. Usable rail to rail depths 36 "d and 42"d! One strong innovative feature is that it is the only Quiet rack to have temperature monitoring as a standard feature on all racks.

The AcoustiQuiet™ series of sound dampening server cabinets remove up to 15dBa of noise from the front of the unit and as much as 24dBa from the back. Use this to advantage when siting the server rack in the room where other people/desks will be located. The six top mounted fans remove up to 2kW of thermal heat.

The AcoustiQuiet™ series is made in the U.S.A. of American finished steel.

Each unit includes:

  • Base, low-profile casters and leveling feet.
  • 2 sets of "L" shaped infinitely adjustable universal square hole mounting rails on a patented aluminum extruded welded frame.
  • Side panels with full acoustic lining.
  • Vented front and rear doors have full acoustic lining, (2) lockable swing door handles per door.
  • Temperature display mounted at upper LH corner includes temp probe on a 3ft lead wire. Optional temperature monitor can be purchased if desired.
  • Solid top panel includes a 6-fan tray (4" 52 cfm fans with guards). Foam sealing tape, acoustic lining.
  • Ships completely assembled, Unwrap and rack!
  • Textured powder coat finish. 7 standard colors to choose from.

Listen to a demonstration of what happens to the noise from a high-end server when reduced by different decibel / sound power levels.

  • 0 dBA: 78 dBA Intel blade server
  • 2 dBA: 2 dBA removed form original sound source
  • 10 dBA: 10 dBA removed form original sound source
  • 20 dBA: 20 dBA removed form original sound source
  • 28.5 dBA: 28.5 dBA removed form original sound source