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PER-100 Powered Dandy Lift
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PER-100 Powered Dandy Lift
PER-100 Powered Dandy Lift
PER-100 Powered Dandy Lift
Product Description:

Powered Dandy Lift and lower at the touch of a button, providing the ultimate in ergonomics and convenience.  They are clean, quiet, user-friendly, and ideal for applications in high-tech, industry, retail, and even office environments. Lift and lower loads up to 200 lbs. These are ideal for a wide variety of lifting, transporting and work positioning applications. Excellent for stock room where larger and heavier items need to be located on higher shelves.

Powered Dandy Lift includes the following features:

  • Ergonomic comfort Shaped Handle
  • Battery Status Indicator and Onboard Charger
  • Full Shielding of all Electrical Components
  • Smooth Rolling Caster and Floor Lock
  • High-speed Linear Actuator for Clean, Precise Positioning
Item Number PER-100 Powered Dandy Lift
Capacity (lbs.) 220
Platform Size (in.) 20 X 31.5
Raised Height (in.) 51
Low Height (in.) 13
Vertical Travel (in.) 38
Overall L x W (in.) 20 x 40
Weight (lbs.) 170
Price $2,725.00 plus FOB Shipping