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4MM-14: 4mm/DDS Data Tape
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4MM-14: 4mm/DDS Data Tape
Product Description:

Product Benefits:   As your backup tapes travel, you can rely on Peripheral's double-walled shell to cradle each cartridge.

The manufacturers of tape-drive and magnetic media are adamantly opposed to foam-lined tape containers. The foam will shred and get into your cartridges. This is bad for your drive and causes data errors on tape. 

With this in mind, we put the impact protection on the outside, not the inside. Like a shell this innovative design has made Peripherals the product of choice.

Secondly, the high-density polyethylene will never deteriorate or biodegrade. The airspace trapped inside the double-walls offers temperature insulation, a feature single wall media containers don't. We are now adding a new mixture of special resin to make these cases conductive. The electrostatic dissipating plastic is currently available. Peripherals is committed to being a leading provider of computer media protection, providing unique products and economical services that exceed our customer's expectations. 

The cases have the following benefits:

  • 14 Capacity
  • Molded with exclusive H.D.P.E. to assist in the dissipation of G-force impact
  • Water Resistant
  • Molded dividers cradle each cartridge
  • Double walls help reduce thermal shock: the high-density polyethylene will never deteriorate or biodegrade
  • The airspace trapped inside the double-walls offers temperature insulation: single-wall media does not
  • Exclusive impact-resistant contours
  • Lid and base interlocking 3/16" stacking features
  • Lockable, Self-Locking
  • Master TUR Storage shipping container has temperature protection, is waterproof, air-tight, and ATA approved
  • Case conductive: Electrostatic dissipating plastic