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PER-1250 CD, CDR and DVD Disc Declassifier
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PER-1250 CD, CDR and DVD Disc Declassifier
PER-1250 CD, CDR and DVD Disc Declassifier
PER-1250 CD, CDR and DVD Disc Declassifier
Product Description:

CD, CDR & DVD Declassifier Department of Defense Approved National Security Approved The best security in CD/DVD format control

The PER-1250 provides the ultimate remedy for data control for Writable, Re-writable and CD and DVD media, and assures Department of Defense destructions requirements are met.

PER-1250 is simple to use and offers quiet operation to cleanly and completely declassify a wide variety of optical media.

This patented device, employing "micro indentation" reliably penetrates the data surface of target media, destroying the focal plan and any readable data, and that allows for standard disposal of the media.

A large, secured, 4 cubic foot "tote" stores hundreds of declassified CD's and DVD's.


  • Color Bone
  • Motor 1/4HP @ 115VAC, 3.7Amps
  • Tote capacity 4 cu. Ft.
  • Capacity 700CD's/DVDs per hour
  • Weight 240 lbs.
  • Noise Level 70 Db.
  • Dimensions 40"H X 23"W X 18"D


  • Simple to use
  • Quiet Operation
  • Self-contained collection tote
  • Meets all DOD Specifications for destruction of optical media
  • Compact Design Castered Base Cabinet