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2000VA Rackmount On-Line UPS
SKU: XPRT-2000

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2000VA Rackmount On-Line UPS
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Product Description:

Percentage columns indicate amount of load on unit

XPRT-2000 20% 50% 70% 100%
UPS Only 45 min. 15 min. 10 min. 6 min.
UPS + (1) XPRT-BP3 200 min. 80 min. 50 min. 32 min.
UPS + (2) XPRT-BP3 380 min. 160 min. 100 min. 65 min.

Xtreme Power Conversion Corporation, the fastest growing UPS solutions provider, has developed the Xtreme Performance Rack/Tower Series (XPRT) to provide maximum reliability, enterprise level features and economic pricing. 

Pure AC power is delivered via online double conversion technology. With this design, connected equipment operates from battery power 100% of the time. All utility power fluctuations and noise are blocked from reaching sensitive electronic components. There is no switch time to battery power during a blackout. Voltage and frequency are stable. 

Plus, the XPRT Series eliminate installation problems with the unique ability to tower-mount, rack-mount or wall-mount all in a small "2U” form factor. User’s can feel confident these UPS will fit virtually anywhere in their network. A three year electronics warranty provides "peace of mind” that reliability has been engineered into the product line. 

The XPRT Series models are available in four sizes (1,000VA, 1,500VA, 2,000VA and 3,000VA). The XPRT Series UPS are an economical choice for critical systems controllers or processors, security equipment, communications and data networks. Special enterprise level features and low pricing make the Xtreme XPRT Series a reliable, functional and economical choice for virtually any application requiring maximum power protection and uptime

Online Technology - Stable, clean, isolated power with no switch to battery time.

Space Maximization - All units (1,000VA, 1,500VA, 2,000A and 3,000VA) require only 2U rack space.

Enterprise Grade Monitoring - Provides detailed status monitoring on the front of the UPS.

Scalable Runtime - Just add battery packs as load or runtime requirements change

Multi Form Factor - Tower, rack and wall mounting provide several installation options.

Fast Battery Recharge Time - Less than 4 hour battery recharge time to 90% capacity.

Multiple Communications Capability - USB, RS232 and SNMP for flexible remote monitoring and control.

Emergency Power Off Switch (EPO) - Allows compliance with the highest application safety standards.

Load Shedding Capabilities - Programmable shutdown maximizes uptime for critical loads.