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Initialization & Labeling

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Tape Labeling

We are pleased to provide labels for all data cartridges and computer tape. Labels come in a variety of size, bar codes, and colors to match your existing media labels and bar codes. Most popular bare-coded colored labels are for 3590, 3570, DLT III, DLT IV, SDLT and LTO tape. We are have labels for 8mm, 4mm, qic cartridges, and round reel computer tape. Most labels come in packs of 50, 100 and larger volumes.

Tape Initialization

We can initialize your media, round reel computer tape, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, and DLT products. We will order your labels, initialize your tape and quickly provide the finished product to your installation. We can also supply new products or any number of our recertified tape products with a lifetime warranty. Or we can quickly erase your DLT's for upgrading and place a new label on each DLT.