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Recycling: Media Destruction

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Server Room Furniture - Recycling: Media Destruction

We can recycle your old magnetic media and help to reduce the amount of plastic that is overrunning our landfills. There is real value in maintaining, trading, and upgrading your magnetic tape. As one company upgrades to a higher capacity, another company may be upgrading to your old tape. Your tape libraries may not be not that old, but most tape manufactured today will last much longer than older conventional computer tape.

We can recycle, degauss, and destroy your old tape and if you are purchasing new tape, we may be able to offer you a discount against the trade-in of your present media. If erasing is a concern, we can and will provide a certificate of degauss and/or provide a confidentiality agreement.

Call us today if you have any magnetic media that you would like us to recycle.