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Mobile Server Cabinet

Apr 4, 2015

Mobile Server Cabinet - Server Room Furniture

For Immediate Release

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. introduces The Mobile Server Cabinet: Air Conditioning, Fire Protection, and Server Cabinet all in one. The Mobile Server Cabinet is on wheels for easy repositioning.

The mobile cabinet is a terrific product for new businesses, firms renting space, and companies without a defined space for a computer room. Repositioning to move away from room hotspots is easily accomplished in minutes.

The Mobile Server Cabinet consists of a thirteen thousand BTU Air Conditioner, Server Cabinet, and an Aero-K® Fire Suppression System. Aero-K®, an Aerosol Spray System, can be located on top or inside the cabinet. Aero-K® is UL, ULC, and SNAP approved. Aero-K® does not require room pressurization, is Ten Times more effective than most extinguishing agents, low maintenance, has zero global warming potential, not harmful to humans, non oxygen depleting, and has a ten year shelf life. Aero-K® is available Electrically, Thermally, or manually activated units.

Aero-K® is used extensively in electrical cabinets and CNC applications.

A thirteen thousand BTU air conditioner brings cooling directly to the heat source, using no additional floor space. The self contained air conditioner directs cold air to the front of the cabinet ensuring valuable servers remain cool. The front to back airflow pattern follows ASHRAE standards. Efficient climate control extends the life and reliability of the IT network.

Aero-K® is a true 21St Century solution in the advancement of fire protection. For data centers with existing server cabinets, Aero-K® can be installed on-site by factory trained installers available throughout North American.

For additional information contact Ron Carboy, President, Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. 1-800-468-6888 or email

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