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Electrical Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

May 29, 2015

Electrical Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems - Server Room Furniture

The most innovative, fastest, compact, effective, least expensive fire protection product approved in the last ten years is Aero-K®, an Aerosol Spray Technology. Aero-K®, has more approvals than other fire protection products, has more fire protection applications, and is easily installed by factory trained installers. Aero-K®, generators are Electrical, Smoke Activated, or Thermally Activated. Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. a Denver based firm has hundreds of clients with multiple applications. Aero-K® comes in a variety of gram loaded generators to fit the application necessary to extinguish a fire. Aero-K®, is environmentally friendly, 100% Green, non toxic to humans, non-oxygen depleting, and will not harm equipment. Aero-K®, is patented potassium Aerosol Spray, takes up no floor space, and is extremely fast and effective. Aero-K® can be installed in spaces here to before impossible to protect.

Aero-K® does not require pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation costs. Unlike gaseous agents when discharged, the Aero-K® agent becomes slightly lighter than air, if there's flair up Aero-K® is still active. Aero-K® does not require pressurization of the protected area. When using a gaseous agent the protected area must be sealed tight enough that it can hold the pressurized gas agent for up to ten minutes. A fully pressurized room can be very costly. Aero-K® unique characteristics do not require an enclosed pressurized space, reducing the overall installation costs. Ask us for the Architectural Specifications from The Project Resource Manual-CSI for fixed Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing System, Section 21 20 00 (13900). Aero-K® is also SNAP approved. Aero-K® has been successfully tested to NFPA 2010, UL Tested Approved & listed to UL Standard 2775. In Canada, NFPA Standard 2001, ULC Tested Approved & Listed to ULC Standard 2127.

Peripheral Manufacturing president Ron Carboy states that Aero-K® is a true, 21st Century solution in the advancement of Fire Protection. Aero-K® protects Computer Rooms, Server Cabinets, Telecommunication Towers, Wind Towers, Elevator Rooms, Flammable Liquid Hazmat Storage Areas, Electrical Boxes, CNC machines, and a host of Marine and Transportation applications. For more information, please e-mail or call Peripheral Manufacturing at or 1-800-468-6888. You may also visit our websites:

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