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We've tested our units, and we've tested theirs ... and ours out-perform competing units. We considered quality, efficiency and sound levels.

The following are five very important steps to consider when purchasing a portable air conditioner:
Point of contact for detail and accurate information - Do you have someone to actually talk to?
Continuous cooling at stated capacity - Can the unit continue cooling at the stated capacity for extended times?
Automatic return to cooling after a power failure - Will the unit return to cooling as soon as it turns back on after a power failure? (Essential for computer rooms!)
Please call us for a detailed explanation of each point. 1-800-468-6888

Installing an air-conditioner in a closed atmosphere can lower the ambient temperature, reduce the humidity in the air, provide a variable airflow, and clean the air by filtering it.

We are a 26 year old manufacturer of magnetic media and other computer-related supplies and services.